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About Us

Twenty-five Harley Street is a day clinic which provides integrated health care. We combine medical excellence with the best in complementary care. Our aim is to provide an enriching and personalised approach to wellbeing. Optimal health depends on care that acknowledges and is tailored to the unique experiences of each individual. This is whole-person, integrated healthcare that aims to help all patients to be as well as they can be.

Our Experts

You’ll find some of the country’s leading private consultants and doctors at Twenty-five Harley Street day clinic. Each one is a leader in his or her respective field with many working as heads of department at London’s leading teaching hospitals. They are at the forefront of medical research, using the latest breakthroughs to deliver the very best healthcare to their patients. We also offer consultations with leading complementary health experts. The specialists have been handpicked by our Medical Director for their skill and experience and they are held in the highest esteem by medical colleagues.

Our Services

One of the things that sets Twenty-five Harley Street day clinic apart from other clinics is the fact we have on-site diagnostics including the latest Fuji digital imaging, a full body DEXA scanner and a pathology laboratory. Most routine pathology reports can be made available during the clinic visit. There is also a fully-equipped treatment room at Twenty-five Harley Street, so patients can have ambulatory gynaecological procedures performed within the clinic. These include colposcopy and the MonaLisa Touch®, a laser treatment for vaginal atrophy.

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