Travel Clinic

At Twenty-five Harley Street we offer a one-stop Travel Clinic, where you can receive all of the advice and immunisations you require -  in one visit.

Our experienced GPs will be happy to talk through the vaccinations required for any destination you may be travelling to. You can be assured our doctors have the latest and most accurate information on which vaccinations are required. You will be also offered advice tailored to your own particular health needs as to whether certain vaccinations are appropriate to you.

We also offer vaccinations for children.

Hepatitis A vaccination
Hepatitis B vaccination
Typhoid vaccination
Tetanus/Diptheria/ Polio vaccination
Rabies vaccination
Influenza vaccination
Meningitis B vaccination
Meningitis A,C,W,Y vaccination
HPV (Guardisil) vaccination
Japenese Encephalitis vaccination
Zostervax vaccination
Chickenpox vaccination
Yellow fever vaccination (by arrangement)