Miss Stephanie Moore

Clinical Nutritionist

Miss Moore has been practising as a natural health therapist since 1991. She combines her training in physical therapies, psychotherapy and nutritional medicine to help people with all kinds of health issues, both physical and psychological. Areas of speciality include digestive issues such as acid reflux; IBS; IBD,  sustained weight loss / metabolic resetting, stress and adrenal support, hormonal regulation, immune support and auto-immune protocol.

Recently named by Vogue UK as one of 'The Fresh Faces of Wellbeing', the ultimate aim of Miss Moore’s approach is to support your body’s own healing processes through a naturopathic, whole-body approach. She focuses on diet and supplement protocols that address nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, sleep quality, exercise and stress management. Miss Moore practises at Twenty-five Harley Street on Fridays.

I take a naturopathic approach that involves looking beyond symptoms to find the root cause of health issues. This involves addressing emotional, physiological, genetic and lifestyle factors in order to understand health needs. In this way it is possible to achieve long-term resolution of specific health problems and an improvement in overall health and vitality.”

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